*Please be aware that studio doors close after 10 mins. of scheduled class time. No exceptions.*   

Pole Fitness

Pole 101 ( Class Duration 1.5 hours)

Specifically designed as an introduction course, Pole 101 gives a strong foundation of Pole Fitness. Class begins with basic yoga, flexibility and stretching exercises to get your body and mind warmed up before even touching the poles. A minimum of (2) pole spins or climbs will be introduced which can be linked together and practiced during the free dance period. In order to keep your body tone, an intensive (15) minute workout is the last leg of the class focusing on legs, arms and abs. Curriculum will change every other week to provide a solid repertoire of moves, spins and climbs.

Pole 201 (Class Duration 1.5 hours)
Building on the fundamentals of Pole 101, Novice Pole takes you to the next level. Class begins will a sensual warm-up and proceeds to grasping a new spin, trick or inversion. During free dance, put on your stilettos and enjoy the flow and transition of linking the plethora of pole and floor moves you've learned. Class resumes with a (15) minute workout focusing on legs, arms and abs. Curriculum changes every other week to a provide a solid repertoire of intermediate moves, spins, climbs and inversions.
Chair, Wall and Floor (Class Duration 1.0 hour)
Dance seductively using an easily accessible chair, wall or floor as your props instead of a pole. Class begins with stretching and flexibility moves focusing on warming up your body and sensual side. "Heavy Hair" and "Diva-Up" will become mastered on the floor and will enhance your chair and wall moves so you can perform anytime or anywhere!
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Stretch & Tone 1 hour

Discover your body's natural flexibility with "Stretch & Tone."Building on your muscle memory, it is highly recommended to take the class once to twice a week resultingin your legs, arms and back being more flexible than you ever thought possible. The curriculum is coupled with various planks, lunges and squats to tone as you stretch.

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Burlesque Chair

In this Burlesque class you will be learning seductive movements while using props and learning the techniques of a flawless striptease all while getting in great shape.  Every woman should learn the Art of Seduction!
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Exotic Floorwork

Exotic Floorwork will not only teach you hot sexy dances that will include lots of hair whipping crawling and feeling so hot that you will forget you're getting an amazing workout but it will also improve your poise, stride and confidence while tapping into your sensual empowerment. Get ready to dance, sweat and feel sexy while letting your inner goddess out!
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Circuit Training

This work out is a combination of cardio and strength straining. There are eight different stations with assigned exercises that make it a full body work out. Some of the stations split and have two different exercises. Every station will switch every two minutes. There will be a short cool down and stretching at the end of the second rotation. Every circuit class will have different exercises constantly added to the class so the class will never be the same. Learn something new every time!

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Hot Bootcamp

Hot Bootcamp revs up a steady system of interval cardiovascular routines, sometimes focusing on several different major muscle groups! Short & sweet, these segments will move the class from one drill to the next in order to continuously "shock” the body (as research demonstrates, this method is one of the most efficient & effective ways to improve your cardiovascular system, lose weight & build muscle)! The endless variety of exercises & styles insure that no two classes are the same & that every class is filled with excitement! Are you ready to leave your tears at the door? Let's do this!
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Pole Flexibility

Staying limber allows for greater freedom of movement and improved posture. It helps relieve muscle tension, soreness and reduces the risk for injury. Our flexibility class works the entire body with an emphasis on the spine and hips. If your goal is the splits, this is the class for you.
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Yoga Beat

Yoga Beat is a rigorous Yoga class with demanding strength postures that will have you
moving, breathing & sweating to a rhythmic beat. Let the music move your
breath! During this class, you will focus on engaging your core strength to
support the weight of your body while lengthening your muscles into deeper

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